Auto Detailing – Save Your Knees and Find a Knee Pad Solution

A couple of years ago, I talked to a gentleman at Starbucks who was on disability. He had worked for a carpet installation company and had blown out his knees, both of them and could hardly walk, and one could not be repaired, although they tried by putting in some titanium. He admitted it did help for a while, but his knee was simply to tore up inside. You see, those that install carpets often use their knees to help pound the nails in the baseboard during installations as he explained it to me. Interestingly enough, I understand how important it is to save your knees because previously I was a tack star and later had raced street motorcycles, and also had done quite a bit of auto detailing. Okay so let’s talk shall we?

If you are in the auto detailing business you will be on your knees quite a bit cleaning wheels, under carriages, and putting on wax of vehicles which are very low to the ground, like most exotic sports cars. This means you have to get down and dirty, but in doing so you will be working in a parking lot if you are doing mobile detailing with gravel around, or you will be working on a cement floor inside of an auto detailing shop, those are very hard surfaces, and they can be quite challenging if you are in that position on your knees for long periods of time.

There are several auto detailing catalogs which have very small cushioned mats which are between six and 8 inches wide and 2 feet long with a handle on them, on one end. These work perfectly, and they are an ideal solution for an auto detailer. Best of all you can clip them to a work cart using a carabiner that rock climbers use. Another strategy is to get ahold of the type of knee pads that soccer players use from a sports store. Although they are not as good, they will save your knees. If you are an auto detailer you may put one on only one knee, and kneel down on that each time. Every few days you might wear it on the other knee, so you are not favoring one leg over the other. Always buy the fabric washable kind.

It’s amazing how simple things and proper ergonomic procedures can help you in your auto detailing this. If you are detailing aircraft, especially light aircraft, or small business jets, it is often very hard to clean the underbelly, or the bottom of the wings with one knee on the ground, either on the flight line or in a hangar on the hangar floor. Protect your knees so you don’t have to become a disabled auto detailer. Please consider all this and think on it.

Things to Look Out For in an Auto Detailing Service

We are living in a highly capitalistic world where all that entrepreneurs want is to get more money for their services. Sadly, the increased money does not translate to better quality of services. This does not mean that there are not a few good auto detailing service providers out there. Choosing the right one will however require a lot of research and inside tips; this is more so if you want to hire an auto detailing service provider.

There exists several places where you can get the information you want. You can look them up on the internet, you can ask a buddy who bought an SUV before you did or you can use the local directory listing. None of these however beats having personal knowledge of what features to look in an auto detailing service before hiring one. Here are a few tips that can be useful.

Features Wanted

This will probably be the first consideration you will have to put in mind when choosing an auto detailing service. Some people want a more thorough cleaning of their car with all the bells and nooks attached. This will include the use of specialized tools and cleaning agents including car polish, air conditioner cleaner and car wax. Of course, these services will come at an additional cost. If on the other hand what you are looking for is a modest car cleaning service, you may not be able to enjoy so much of the auto detailing features.

It is important to ensure that the expert can professionally offer all the features you want before you sign up with them. The tools and products they use should also be of high quality to ensure the best results.


In actual sense, car detailing is not expensive. However, you may want to take advantage of special discounts offered by car detailing service. The service providers will in many cases give discounts on special days. Since this type of detailing is not something you need on a daily basis, you can use these select discount days to take you car for auto detailing.

It is also important to note that experts who offer the whole range of packages from car leather clean services to chain lubricant application might be a little bit expensive than ones who offer just a selected few of services like washing with car shampoo. You can judge the estimate charge of an auto detailing outlet by checking on its outward appearance. Impressive lawns and employees clad in expensive uniform will most probably mean a bigger slice on your wallet.

Online Reviews and Forums

The internet has enabled consumers to have a level of interaction that was not heard of there before. If you are worried about getting the best price for auto detailing products such as chain lubricants, consider hitting the internet for product reviews and appraisals of auto detailing companies in your area. Consumer forums, many of which discuss everything from car shampoo to car polish and wax,offer a load of information that you are sure to find invaluable.

Auto Detailing Training – The Benefits of Being Properly Trained

Offering professional auto detailing services for profit can be a very lucrative venture if you are considering starting your own auto detailing business. You must first understand to be successful in this business you must properly know how to perform the various procedures. If you are not performing the auto detailing and cleaning services properly it will cost you time, money and probably a repeat customer. Detailing a car is more than just getting out a bucket and a sponge with some soap and a few towels. Individuals are keeping their vehicles longer today and are looking for a detailing service that can help preserve the appearance and help maintain good resale and trade-in value of their vehicle.

Today’s vehicles are painted with a process called base-coat/clear coat. This system has been around for many years although to properly work on these paints to restore or recondition them you must know how to use various buffers and polishers. The novice could actually do severe damage to the paint if they do not know how to properly use a buffer or polisher. Hand polishing will not “correct” many paint conditions that that developed with base coat/clear coat paint jobs. To succeed in the auto detailing business it is imperative to know the proper way to handle a rotary polisher. Attending a professional training course will teach the individual how to use a buffer to compound, glaze and polish without damaging the paint.

The individual will also want to be educated the proper way to wash and prep a vehicle prior to detailing it. A great wash-up and prep will lead to a “standing tall” auto detail. Once trained you will know what brush and what cleaner to use for the various tasks. You will also want to be trained on how to use auto detailing clay. Using clay will remove invisible environmental fallout that could be polluting the painted surfaces. Removing the fallout during the wash stage will make the buffing and polishing process go a lot quicker and you will use less polishing product on your buffing pad. Your pads will last longer and you will save time and money by getting the detail finished sooner.

You will want to find an auto detailing training program that will also teach you the steps, methods and procedures for cleaning and detailing the entire interior of all sizes of vehicles. There is much more to do to clean and properly detail an interior. You will need to know how to clean a headliner without damaging it. Removing foul odors like pet odors, food spills, mildew and smoke odors are only a few of many that you may be requested to handle. Without the proper training you will not be able to successfully complete the service. Knowing how to remove foul odors is a huge profit opportunity for the professional detailer.

Training should also consist of teaching the student how to remove stains in the carpets and upholstery. Using a heated carpet extractor properly will get the job done better and faster than just using a wet/dry vac. Scrubbing a very dirty carpet and upholstered seats can turn into a real mess if you do not know the correct steps and procedures. Many of today’s cars interiors are very plush and have delicate fabrics and leather surfaces. The detailer must know how to tackle the job of cleaning those fabrics without causing damage or discoloration. Besides cleaning the interior you will also want to know the proper way to detail and condition the vinyl and leather components. A good detailing course will teach you the best way to make the interior “bling bling” in a timely manner.

Besides learning all of the hands-on methods and procedures it is important that you receive some formal training on how to talk with prospects and customers over the phone and face to face. You must know the right questions to ask especially if speaking with the prospect over the phone. You will also want to be taught how to “evaluate” the appearance of a vehicle so you can give the customer a fair estimate. You must make a profit on each vehicle that you detail. The customer must feel that they received the very best value from the service that you provided. A good well-rounded auto detailing training seminar course will teach you all of the aspects outlined above plus many more. Being properly trained will shorten the learning curve and provide the opportunity for you to grow your business and provide profitable and professional auto detailing services to private individuals along with commercial and fleet accounts. The opportunity is huge if you do a superior job!